life Buoy 2.5 kgs CCS certificate

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CCS Approval Marine 4.3 2.5kg Life Buoy

The 2.5KG life buoys are suitable for different kinds of vessels and aquatic equipments and used by the seamen and passengers for life saving.

Specification of Life Buoy

1. Providing buoyancy to keep person from water and keep safety or storing smoke signals
2. Complying with the 1996 amendments to SOLAS 1974,the LSA and MSC.81(70)
3. With 4 pcs reflective strips and more than 30M line
4.Cover material: HDPE
5. Buoyancy Material: Hard PU
6. Buoyancy:14.5KG
7. Color: Orange
8. Inner/Outer Dia.: 440 mm/720mm
9. Certificate: CCS,EC


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