Safety Lockout Padlock Steel Laminated

Steel Laminated Safety Lockout Padlock, Steel Body. Laser engraved Key No. on Key and padlock body for easy identification.



● Tough Steel Laminated Body with chrome plated steel shackles.
● Key System and Key nos. laser engraved on padlock body and key permits fast traceability between Padlocks & Key, ideal for small or large LO/TO programs. Additionally, key system is also printed on vinyl sticker for identification initiate appropriate action in the event of lost or misplaced keys.
● DANGER – DO NOT OPERATE vinyl sticker with printed key system, space for writing owners name and padlock nos. provides clear and visible warning, ideal for LO/TO implementation.
● Standard 40mm body width comes with 2 shackle options: 24 mm and 47 mm shackle lengths.
● Cut resist 6.0 mm diameter steel chrome plated shackles.
● Pick resistant 5 Pin cylinders on all locks.
● Non-Key Retaining facility.
● 3 Key Systems enables customization of LO/TO Programs to suit different energy sources.
● Padlocks are fixed with color coded bumpers for customizing different energy sources or team.
Blue, Green, Orange, Black, Purple and White to color code individual or groups of locks to denote energy/team identification.


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