Respire 6 P3

Respire 6 P3. P3 Filters at least 80% of Airborne Particles.


Respire 6 P3

P3 Filters at least 80% of Airborne Particles

Features: Reusable, low maintenance half face respirator.

  • Soft, lightweight elastomeric respirator ensures comfort during long periods of work.
  • Flexible System (gas & vapour and / or particulate filters)
  • Twin filter design provides lower breathing resistance, a more balanced fit, and improves field of vision.
  • Cost effective replacement filters.
  • Safe, secure Bayonet filter attachment system.
  • Easy and secure fitting.
  • 3 sizes (small ? Respire 3, medium ? Respire 3, large ? Respire 3)


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